Financial Freedom requires a complete financial road map that will

  1. Create passive positive cash flow
  2. Build a solid financial foundation

My mission is to help you understand more about money and share what my financial mentors share about financial freedom.


So I packaged everything you need in this Road Map to Financial Freedom.


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How Does MoneyMedz Work

We share tips and special offers to help you reach financial freedom. On the website, the steps are categorized and can be clicked on to see all related posts. These steps, and additional information, are simplified in our mini ebook, Road Map to Financial Freedom. You can request a free copy here:

I hope that our financial journey will help you along yours.

Step 1: Create Passive Positive Cash Flow

Positive cash flow occurs when your income (active plus passive)  is higher than your expenses during the same period. To create passive positive cash flow, your passive income (from assets) needs to be higher than all your expenses.

Reduce Expenses

Expenses are all the money that comes out of your pocket to cover payouts on liabilities and other bills.

Minimize Liabilities

Liabilities are anything you own that puts LESS money in your pocket than it takes from your pocket.

Step 2: Build A Solid Financial Foundation

One reason you care about your wealth is because you want to live a good life. Another reason is because you care about those who depend on you. So, you need to care about your wealth during your lifetime and the lifetime of those you care about, right? Here are four ways to build your wealth on a solid financial foundation, and ensure that the quality time (wealth) you create now will last for generations to come.

    1. Protect Health & Wealth

    Minimize the impact of unexpected events on you and your families by having health and financial protection.

    2. Manage Debts

    Not all debts are created equally. There are bad debts that buy liabilities, and there are good debts that buy assets.

    3. Plan for Emergency

    If possible, try to have about 3-6 months of emergency fund set aside, just for that rainy day. Try not to touch this fund at any cost.

      4. Plan for Retirement

      Plan for retirement using smart money strategies, with the most tax advantages, to maximize returns and minimize risk.

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