If you own a qualified car, you need to sign up for Uber now! Ridesharing is by far one of the best ways I know to make extra money, on your time, and on demand.

Uber is a smartphone app that makes it easy to get paid for driving your own car. It’s simple to use. When you want to make money just turn on the app and pick up riders, or deliver food. You’ll see how much you made after every trip and you’ll get paid weekly (or daily in some cities like Toronto).

Click here to go over to the Uber site and get started.
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The requirements vary depending on your city. However, here are some general requirements:
You: At least 21 years old, have a clean driving record, and must pass a background check.
Your Vehicle: In great condition and has at least 4-doors. No car? They can help you get one where available.
Your Phone: iPhone 4s or newer, Android 2013 or newer. No phone? They’ll help you get one.

Use a referral to sign up with Uber so that you get a guaranteed earning after a few trips. If your first few trips are low paying, Uber will increase your earnings to your city’s minimum guaranteed amount. Guarantee amounts vary and are determined by sign up city. Click https://partners.uber.com/i/kmg4651kue to see what the guarantee amount is. Use my referral code to get this guaranteed amount: kmg4651kue
Take a free ride to understand more about the services you will be providing. This allows you to see what the top and bottom rated drivers are doing. Click https://get.uber.com/invite/kmg4651kue to claim a free ride through my link.
Signup with PayFare to get paid every morning, and get free roadside assistance as well. I also got an extra $10 for using a referral code. Here is a referral code to use: IYAEWQ
Check with a greenlight location to make sure you are clear on local regulations. This will help you to avoid expensive fines from the local authority.
Confirm rider’s address before you start each trip. Riders might give you a low rating if you take them to the wrong address, even if it was their fault.
Do more than just drive. Use your Uber experience to network with as many people as possible.

Uber is a great way to make on-demand money. If you decide to go on a long trip, turn on your app, pick up someone, and have them pay for your gas! So, even if you have no intentions to use Uber immediately or fulltime, you should still sign up. Everyone you meet will have an interesting story. When you do sign up, please tell us about your favorite Uber story.
Once again, here are the links and codes you will need to get the sign-up guarantee and bonus:
Sign up for Uber – kmg4651kue
Sign up for PayFare (If available) – IYAEWQ

Happy Earning!

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