If you want to save money on shopping, then you need to get Flipp.

Flipp is the go-to app to compare prices and find the best deals when planning your grocery shopping trip. This app allows you to price match at certain stores and get savings of up to 50% on some items. Flipp gives you everything you need to save, from holiday gifts to electronics.

For Iphone users: Click here to download Flipp
For Android users: Click here to download Flipp


  • Use the “clipping” feature on Flipp to save items you are interested in.
  • Connect to store’s WIFI to save on mobile data.
  • Compare the price on Flipp with the price in store. Never assume that it is cheaper on Flipp.
  • Before you get to the checkout point, separate all items to be price matched.

I live in Canada and my overall experience with Flipp has been great. I no longer wait for my paper flyers to come in the mail. I simply click my Flipp app and I see all the new and updated flyers. From there, I make my grocery lists and either visit stores with the deals, or stores that price match. Walmart is very big at price matching! The Flipp app has reduced my time in stores and saved me a lot of money.

To start saving money on shopping:

Iphone users, click here to download Flipp
Android users, click here to download Flipp

Happy Savings!

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Tiffany · January 17, 2018 at 12:59 pm

Love this I have saved lots using this app . Amazing !!!

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